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Insurance Cape Town

Insurance Cape Town

As beautiful as the city of Cape Town is, like most other cities around the world, plenty of 'stuff' seems to happen in the Mother City that necessitates all forms of insurance, including household insurance, car insurance, personal insurance and life insurance. While seemingly  'pretty' and 'friendly', Cape Town still suffers from a very high crime problem, along with pretty much everywhere else in South Africa today.

This means that Cape Town experiences more than its fair share of housebreakings, burglaries, thefts, muggings, and of course let's not forget about South Africa's new national sport, 'highjackings'. As such, taking out proper insurance Cape Town cover is crucial for peace of mind and long-term financial security.

While South Africa's overwhelming crime rate is certainly not great for the country or its people, what is great is that the local insurance industry boasts a large choice of professional, reputable and comprehensive insurance companies. As most of these insurance firms have offices and branches throughout the country, they have a good idea of the general type of insurance policies required by Capetonians.

For instance, Cape Town has a pretty high car theft rate, so it is crucial to 'shop around' for the best insurance Cape Town policies and best-value-for-money monthly  insurance premiums. Plus, now you no longer have to use insurance brokers to take out an insurance policy. Today many insurance companies operating in South Africa deal directly with the general public.

This means that you can effectively 'cut out the middleman' by going direct and, in theory, save yourself money in the process. The best thing about going direct, however, is that you are free to ask your insurance Cape Town company representative as many questions as you want. To ensure you get the best possible insurance policy to suit your needs.

Companies offering Insurance In Cape Town

1st For Women Insurance Brokers
Insurance company that arranges car insurance for women in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa. Low premiums for women.

1Life Insurance
Need life insurance. Live in Cape Town. Get insured through 1Life Direct and cut out the middleman. Save up to 22% on your life insurance premiums.

Budget Insurance Brokers
Looking for an insurer that will insure your car and household in Cape Town. Budget Insurance have rebranded and now offer new and interesting options.

Insurance Companies
1Lifedirect 1Lifedirect offers Life Insurance
1st For Women 1st for Women offers Car Insurance
Auto and General Auto & General offers Car Insurance
Budget Insurance Brokers Budget Insurance Brokers offers Car Insurance
Dial Direct Dial Direct offers Car Insurance

Discovery Life Discovery Life Insurance

Hollard Insurance Hollard offers Car Insurance Hollard offers Life Insurance

Liberty Life Liberty offers Life Insurance

Hippo Hippo offers Short Term Insurance
Momentum Momentum  offers Life Insurance
Virgin Insurance Virgin Insurance offers Short Term Insurance

Offers Short Term Insurance Short Term Insurance

Offers Long Term Insurance Long Term Insurance

Insurance Cape Town

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