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Personal Legal Liability

Personal Legal Liability

Personal legal liability insurance covers you against legal and other damages as a result of some accidental action that you have taken. These accidental damages can be of a varied nature, and can be anything from slight injury and illness to grievous bodily harm, or even death. It also can include loss of or damage to property that you are liable for through some sort of accident. This type of insurance also extends to veterinary bills resulting from an injury to other people's animals, or as a result of accidents involving your own animals injuring either another person or another person's pet. There are also some more unusual types of personal liability insurance that you can get, such as insurance against getting a hole in one on the golf course.

As you can see, personal legal liability can be applied to an entire gamut of everyday occurrences and accidents, to which we are all prone. So it's not a bad idea to make sure that you are covered in this way. This type of insurance has become pretty commonplace, meaning that your existing insurer probably offers it, usually without a significant increase in your premiums. Of course if this is not the case, you are able to take out this type of insurance as a standalone policy from another insurer - again, these premiums are typically not too expensive.

You can also take out personal legal liability insurance to cover financial eventualities, like the inability to pay your credit card or hire purchase bills, in the event of a retrenchment, for example. This type of insurance will pay your accounts for a limited period of time, while you get yourself back on your feet. This is an excellent way to avoid what might otherwise become a financial disaster, or which could even force you to declare insolvency, thus avoiding future consequences and difficulties which could hamper you for years after you have recovered financially, especially with regards to access to credit.

It's not only insurance companies that are offering some of these types of cover - many financial institutions now offer small standalone insurance products against the risk of your inability to pay or service the credit that they have extended to you - so not only is this a way of protecting yourself, but it has also become a common way for financial institutions to protect themselves against your inability to pay them back.

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    Personal Legal Liability

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