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1st For Women Insurance

A long time coming, there is finally a South African insurance company that caters specifically for women. Known as 1st For Women, this insurance company prides itself on offering women the highest levels of service in a short-term insurance environment

1st For Women identified a need for a 'women specific' insurance company ideal for women seeking direct vehicle or household insurance, without going through an insurance broker.

By eliminating brokers or middlemen, not only has 1st For Women managed to make short-term insurance more affordable, but has centralized its operations into a 'one-stop-insurance' operation where policies can be completed quickly and efficiently over the telephone.

1st For Women has also introduced a variety of Assist Programmes and the successful 'Expo-Sure policy', which covers insured women and their immediate families in the case of the potential exposure to the HIV/Aids virus.

A percentage of every premium paid to st For Women is fed into the 1st For Women Trust, a charity designed to make the lives of women better throughout South Africa.