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Dial Direct Insurance

Dial Direct Insurance arrived on the South African insurance scene over two years ago and has managed in that time to revolutionise the local insurance industry.

Backed by Dial Direct UK, a long-time and reputable player in the European insurance scene, Dial Direct came with more than its share of international insurance expertise and professionalism.

Today Dial Direct is an insurance company that offers all South Africans world-class household, vehicle and short-term insurance products on a daily basis.

What really differentiates Dial Direct from many of its competitors is its unrivalled attention and focus on you and I - i.e. the customer.

At Dial Direct, the customer is truly considered the king. In fact, Dial Direct sensed a need by South Africans to deal directly with their insurance companies and in doing so, bypass their insurance brokers.

As such, Dial Direct has a developed a fast, reliable and slick countrywide insurance infrastructure that is designed to assess and meet the insurance needs of South Africans quickly and efficiently.

Unlike many of it's competitors, Dial Direct has chosen not to penalise its policyholders should they submit various claims that would not normally be covered.

These claims fall within Dial Direct's 'permitted categories' giving the insured increased flexibility and peace of mind.

In addition, Dial Direct boasts some of the most cost-effective premiums in the business because the middle-man (insurance broker) has been eliminated -  sure fire winner!