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Auto & General Insurance

Auto & General has been around in South Africa for over 20 years and is considered one of the country's leading short-term insurance providers. In fact, it was Auto & General that pioneered insurance quotes via telephone and over the Internet, as well as introduced their well-known Service Charter.

The company's Service Charter encapsulates 5 key principles, which are:

1. To deliver the highest levels of service
2. To deliver affordable insurance
3. To deliver superior quality
4. To ensure the customer will always have a voice
5. To ensure that the insurer will always innovate

Not only does Auto & General's Service Policy serve to protect its clients, but also reminds Auto & General staff about their duties and responsibilities to maintain and raise levels of customer service as well as fulfill their commitment to provide affordable and effective insurance solutions.

If these principals are not met, there are consequences for the staff members, and their clients can receive, amongst other incentives, a free month of insurance as consolation.

The culture in Auto & General has been cultivated over two decades to remain at the cutting edge of South African insurance and continue to deliver competitive insurance products, particularly in regard to short-term insurance.